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Prospective Project Participation

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Prospective Project Participation -

Church and Diakonie in European cooperation projects

The Protestant Church in Germany and its welfare organisation, Diakonie, are the second largest suppliers of social welfare as well as the second largest non-state employers in Germany. Most of our member organisations and institutions are active in the delivery of essential services such as education and schools, higher education and universities of applied science, health care and hospitals, care for elderly and people with disabilities, child care, and a large variety of support services for vulnerable groups. Through the KWA network, we promote fair and safe working conditions and a responsible and sustainable social market economy in Germany. Our organisations are a prime partner for social innovation.

This event is intended to boost Churches’ and Diakonie’s exchange and cooperation with organisations from other places in Europe to prepare for future joint projects. During match making sessions, you will be able to get to know suitable potential partner organisations among our members. While we are, in principle, open for cooperation in any EU funding programme, we will be focusing on several strategically chosen EU funding programmes – Horizon Europe, Interreg, and Erasmus+ Strategic Partnerships – in which our member organisations have already gained experience and can provide their expertise in their particular working fields in projects in the upcoming EU programming period.

We offer a two-part event:

February 2nd – Part I:

An online seminar where suitable funding programmes are presented (in German, only for Church / Diakonie organisations)

February 9th – Part II:

European matchmaking event (in English, open for registration). You will have the opportunity to book virtual one-on-one meetings or participate in round tables with potential project partners in advance through this website.

We invite research organisations, NGO`s, public bodies and authorities and other interested organisations to register and participate at the matchmaking event.


  • Online Seminar: from January 19th until February 2nd, 9 o'clock (first come, first served)
  • Matchmaking Event: from January 19th until February 9th, 9 o'clock (first come, first served)

Booking of bilateral meetings / round tables: January 26th until February 9th

Topics addressed?

  • Civil Engagement
  • Climate – Environment
  • Cultural Heritage
  • Craft
  • Economic Issues
  • Education
  • Ethics
  • Health
  • Public Administration
  • Social Services
  • Supporting Vulnerable Groups
  • Theology
  • Voluntary Work
  • Working Conditions
  • Youth Work
  • ...

Why participate?

    • Learn about European funding programmes
    • Meet potential Project Partners
    • Find people and / or ideas to develop joint EU-projects in your field of work
    • Discuss innovative solutions and new ways of thinking
    • Enlarge your activities and network

    How can you benefit from this event?

    • Persons offering a project - Present your project idea to experts from other European countries and invite them to become partners in your project
    • Persons looking for a project – Showcase your expertise and find project ideas in areas that are relevant for your work
    • Initiate and arrange promising pre-scheduled 1:1 and/or round table meetings at the event
    • Generate fresh leads and meet new contacts in a time and cost-efficient way

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    Germany 72
    Belgium 10
    Italy 10
    France 7
    Czech Republic 7
    Slovenia 4
    Spain 3
    Bulgaria 3
    United Kingdom 3
    Austria 2
    Greece 2
    Serbia 2
    Poland 2
    Turkey 2
    Switzerland 2
    Albania 1
    Hungary 1
    Romania 1
    Netherlands 1
    Cyprus 1
    Denmark 1
    Uruguay 1
    Israel 1
    Colombia 1
    Total 140
    Church 33
    Diakonie 24
    Education / training centre, school 12
    Enterprise, SME 5
    Higher education, research and development 16
    Infrastructure and (public) service provider 2
    Interest groups including NGOs 28
    Public Authority (local, regional, national) 6
    Sectoral agency, business support organisation 5
    Other 9
    Total 140
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